Snake Bite

Logline: A police officer must escape a violent gang leader while keeping his brother from escaping her custody.

Awards and Recognition

Snake Bite was a second rounder in the 2020 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, “a distinction only achieved by less than 20% of this year’s submissions.”

Image of two feather quill pens around the text "Script Competition Second Rounder Austin Film Festival Twenty Twenty"

Description works really well to set the stage of danger and tension all along the way. The script has a great flow to it. We’re quickly caught up in the characters and story and the end comes to a solid resolution.

SNAKE BITE has a clear voice and tone, and it creates a compelling narrative that has high-stakes action. The world is well-built, the protagonists are likable, the villains are engaging and fun, and the pacing is good.

SNAKE BITE is a action thriller with an interesting protagonist at the center and explores the messy aftermath of a former undercover agent transporting someone affiliated with the mission that almost killed her. It has a unique quality in that perspective while also having familiar tropes and character archetypes from predecessors like CON AIR and DIE HARD.

Excerpts from 2020 Austin Film Festival Competition Notes