Continuing Education

Since I graduated, I’ve had this really restless feeling. It turns out, after some honest self-analysis, I really like learning stuff. (Go figure, took me long enough.)

I have a lot of time on my hands, so I’m really trying to keep up on that continuing education. Part of that is studying my craft and analyzing films and screenplays. Another part is stretching my story telling muscles by branching out into different mediums.

I was never very good at making games in Twine, so I dedicated a little bit of my free time to getting good at it. Every game I think I finished tells me a little bit more, and I’m finally polishing up Twine games that I’d be willing to share.

But I really wanted to learn how to code. Like, big boy, actual functioning code, not just scripting in Twine.

Well. About that.

So, Twine 1 was written in Python, so a lot of what I’m learning about how to set up code in Python seems vaguely familiar. Knowing how to script in Twine was just the baby steps I needed to get in the door with Python, and for that I am grateful.

Humble Bundle recently had a Python programming bundle from No Starch Press, and I have to say God bless No Starch Press. They have books designed to teach coding to children, and it really is a great introduction to whatever you want to learn. Their Twine for Kids book really helped me with making my Twine games more than just text, and their Python for Kids really laid everything out in an easy to understand way without talking to the reader like a child.

I may try and adapting a few of my Twine games into Python (I’m thinking a Zork-style Common Folk text adventure game could be very fun.) so I’ll update if that actually happens.