Lindsay N. Smith was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida, south of Kennedy Space Center. She spent most of her formative years reading long novels on the beach, developing a passion for science fiction, Cold War spy thrillers, and Lovecraftian horror. When she wasn’t reading, she was watching classic movies, The Twilight Zone and Law & Order with her dad.

After years of absorbing stories from many different genres and mediums, she got bored with the usual options and began writing her own stories. She started by writing short stories and novels, but quickly transitioned into writing scripts for movies. She taught herself formatting by reading scripts of her favorite movies that she found on the internet.

Looking to turn this passion into a career, she enrolled at Full Sail University. The intensive Creative Writing for Entertainment program helped her hone her skills and prepare her for her career.

Lindsay still lives on the Florida coast, where she spends her time watching horror movies, listening to true crime podcasts, and snuggling with her black cats.

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